February Challenges

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Each month, the writers and producers of this Web site participate in some friendly competition with several friends and colleagues. While half the runners live in Memphis, Tennessee in the USA, the other half live within the English counties Hertfordshire and the West Midlands. That’s one of the great attractions and conveniences to Nike+ challenges and Nike+ in general — friends can compete against each other no matter what their geographical location may be, or what time of day or night they run. It’s only until all the running data from each individual run is uploaded to the Nike+Web site that we get to compare and contrast our performances against one another.

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Knowing that your friends are trying to run faster or maybe further than you, is what inspires and motivates us to keep in shape and run as best as we can. Whether we know it or not, we are motivating one another by each individual mile we run. Now that we’ve made our challenges public for the world to see, we now have a little more motivation and incentive to get up and run each day.