Inside the Nike+ Box

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Remember the first time you purchased your Nike+ and opened it for the first time? Or maybe you have yet to purchase your first Nike+ and want to know what’s included inside the box? All the pictures you need are right here. Fresh new box scent not included. ;-)

10 Different Ways to Attach a Nike+ Sensor to your Shoe

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Nike would have you believe that the best and only official way to connect the Nike+ sensor to your running shoe is by spending at least $60 on a pair of Nike+ compatible running shoes. There are always many ways to skin a cat however, so here’s a roundup of 10 alternative, and significantly cheaper ways of attaching the sensor to any brand of running shoe.

1. SwitchEasy RunAway, $8.99 + shipping

The RunAway is one of the most attractive and functional sensor holders I’ve seen so far. Even Apple would be proud of this design. Not only is this attachment weather-proof and super-sturdy (there are multiple locking mechanisms), but it also comes complete with a slot to store your Nike+ receiver if ever you need to travel or store your Nike+ kit.

2. Lacelid, $4.95 +shipping

This functional, cheap case is made of durable rubber, and attaches to the outside of your shoe laces. The Lacelid Web site offers several bundles should you want to purchase multiple items, and you can choose either black or white versions. The only downside to this solution is that there is no protector/cover for your sensor and is therefore always exposed to the elements.

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