400mToGo.com is developed and maintained by Jeremy Kendall, Cory Wiles, and Scott Wills. All articles are kindly proofed and edited by Lara Wistock.

Jeremy Kendall
A native of Memphis, TN, Jeremy is a web developer and a graduate of the Couch to 5k running program. Jeremy got turned on to the Nike+ Sport Kit by Scott Wills early in his running career. Considering that he tracks every other element of his life online, why not track running as well? Easily distracted by pretty graphs and shiny objects, Jeremy quickly fell in love with the Nike+ system. Although he primarily runs 5ks, Jeremy has 10k aspirations, if for no other reason than to improve his Nike+ stats.

Cory Wiles
A native of Memphis, TN, Cory is web developer. Cory’s greatest running accomplishment is finishing the St. Jude Memphis Half-Marathon. Conquering that hurdle has inspired him to see how far he can go with his running. Besides the ongoing aspiration to improve his Nike+ stats, his main goal is finish an ultra-marathon.

Scott Wills
Born and raised in West Bromwich, England, Scott now lives in Memphis, TN and works as a Web designer. Scott’s fondest running memory is running 20 times around a 400m running track with a friend when they were both 10 years old. Today, Scott fluctuates his training between 3k and 10 mile distances, depending on how long his wife will let him leave the house ;-), but his favorite distance is 5k. Scott’s main reason for running is to keep in shape while the soccer season is not in progress.