400mToGo is a Web site for Nike+® runners of all abilities.  The name, “400m To Go” is in reference to the spoken feedback the Nike+ device offers when you approach the end of a workout.  As the end of the run nears, you’ll hear “400 meters to go!” which is just enough motivation to inspire you to complete your run.

If, like us, you are obsessed with running data and refuse to go running unless you have your Apple® iPod® Nano and your Nike+ chip securely attached, then this is the Web site for you. Over the next few months we will be blogging about our running experiences, the challenges of keeping motivated to run, and our likes and dislikes with Nike+. Not only that, we will also be developing some cool tools that all Nike+ runners like yourself can use to display and manipulate your running data. So pick up your iPod Nano, make sure your Nike+ chip is attached to your shoe, and let’s see how far we can run.

We are in no way shape or form associated with Apple or Nike. But that’s a good thing, because we can speak the honest truth about our running experiences with both devices!