November Challenge Winners - New Challenges for December

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Congratulations to our challenge winners for the month of December!

  • Most Miles: cicomat earns top honors again with 233.77 miles.  You’re a monster!
  • Fastest 1 Mile: mdoug takes back the fastest mile honors with a time of 4′49”.  Awesome job!
  • Fastest 3K: drew4008 takes the 3k once again, with a time of 9′56”
  • Fastest 5K: JD 42 jumps to the head of the pack with a time of 18′13”
  • Fastest 10K: JD 42 goes the distance and wins with a time of 37′44”

Great job, folks!  Great to see cicomat and drew4008 stay in the winning.  mdoug, are you focusing on short distance lately?  JD 42, excellent job on the longer distance wins!

If you’re not already running with us this month, head over to the Challenges page, join in, and get running!

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  1. mdoug Says:

    Hey, just wanted to let you know I probably won’t be running nike+ for a few months; too cold and lots of snow here in Boston… best of luck to everyone.

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