August Challenge Winners - New Challenges for September

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Congratulations to our challenge winners for the month of August!

  • Most Miles: A-P earns top honors here with 100.68 miles, killing lasabur’s hopes of a three-peat.
  • Fastest 1 Mile: mdoug earns fastest mile honors with a time of 4′48”
  • Fastest 3K: mdoug again, with a time of 9′34”
  • Fastest 5K: mdoug takes the prize with a time of 16′33”
  • Fastest 10K: mdoug again sweeps the monthly “Fastest” challenges with a time of 34′58”

This is the second month in a row that mdoug has run away with top honors in every “fastest” challenge.  Is there anybody out there who can knock him off?
Congrats to both of August’s winners, and best of luck to September’s challengers. If you’re not already running with us this month, head over to the Challenges page, join in, and get running!

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