Yamaha’s $299 BODiBEAT expensive, lame

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I really don’t have a clue how Yamaha thinks it’s going to compete in the personal audio player/workout market with its new product, the BODiBEAT.  The concept, a personal audio player that automatically syncs the rhythm of your tunes to the rhythm of your workout, is cool.  The execution, a 512MB armband with proprietary headphones/ear-clip heart rate monitor, is not.  Adding to the lameness is the proprietary desktop software, BODiBEAT Station, used to categorize your 512MB of tunes by beats per minute (BPM) for use in your workouts.

From the press release:

“The worlds first music player that selects songs to match the pace of the users workout, it automatically syncs music selections with the steps of the users walk or run. A total workout tracking and personal music solution, BODiBEAT redefines the capabilities of portable music players, and makes exercising more fun than ever before. “

Yeah, right.  Perhaps if Yamaha had brought this product to market five or seven years ago, it would be worth some consideration.  As it stands now, I can’t believe they’ve released this product with a straight face.  Seriously, head over to NewEgg and grab a 1GB music player for about $40.  Then go over to JogTunes or Google and grab yourself some tunes that match a nice, comfortable pace.  Already have an iPod Nano?  Then just grab the Nike+ Sport kit and some BPM’d tunes.  Seriously, any combination of music player plus music you already like has got to be better than dropping $299 on this thing.

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